28 Dec 2012


Here is the LCT-6 now completed. Just want too do some quick checks and then I will make both LSM's and the LCT-5 and 6's available on Shapeways


12 Dec 2012

Ongoing Projects

Here are some ongoing projects; a Vietnam Era MSB, WW2 Rhino Ferries and a Vietnam Era Achelous class Landing Ship Repair

Vietnam Era MSB

WW2 Rhino Ferry

Vietnam Era Achelous Class Landing Ship Repair

All my ships are designed in half so that when all the parts are completed I can copy, paste and flip the other half in place and bingo you have a complete symmetrical ship. It also cuts down on completion time.

10 Dec 2012

WW2 Amphibious

Here are Sketchup 2D pictures of a LCT-5, LSM early and LSM Late version I have recently completed. Once I have checked for thin walls, etc I will upload to Shapeways in 1/600 Scale

LSM Early Version

LSM Late Version

7 Dec 2012

Here are some pictures of my existing models.

 Benewah Class APB

 Benewah Class APB

LCM-8, PACV, PCF, etc

LCM-8, PACV, PCF, etc

River Assualt Division

River Assualt Division

The Blog.... The Start

What is this blog about?

It is about the trials and tribulations of a Google Sketchup user trying to design 1/600 (and 1/700) scale minatures that no one else makes

So far I have produced mostly Vietnam era riverine craft namely ATC's, ATC(H), Monitors, CCB's, Zippo's, LCM-8, ASPB, PACV, pontoons and my pièce de résistance an Benewah class APB. These can all be found on Shapeways;


I have also completed, but not yet released an early LSM, late LSM and an LCT-5 (all in 1/600 scale).

Currently ongoing are a Vietnam era ARL (Achelous Class), LCT-6 and various size WW2 Rhino Ferries

I will do future posts on how these are going and what has been released