10 Dec 2012

WW2 Amphibious

Here are Sketchup 2D pictures of a LCT-5, LSM early and LSM Late version I have recently completed. Once I have checked for thin walls, etc I will upload to Shapeways in 1/600 Scale

LSM Early Version

LSM Late Version


  1. Any thought on doing them in1/100 scale

  2. Hi Jon,

    To be honest the bigger the model, the more expensive it becomes on Shapeways. The cost of the APB in 1/600th scale is @ $45 so in 1/100 we are talking in the hundreds. Shapeways also limit the size of models to roughly A4 size so the ship would have to broken up into a kit. With regards to smaller kits i.e. the ASPB, LCT-5, etc these would need a lot more work doing to them before I could release in 1/100.

    Thanks, Richard