7 Dec 2012

The Blog.... The Start

What is this blog about?

It is about the trials and tribulations of a Google Sketchup user trying to design 1/600 (and 1/700) scale minatures that no one else makes

So far I have produced mostly Vietnam era riverine craft namely ATC's, ATC(H), Monitors, CCB's, Zippo's, LCM-8, ASPB, PACV, pontoons and my pièce de résistance an Benewah class APB. These can all be found on Shapeways;


I have also completed, but not yet released an early LSM, late LSM and an LCT-5 (all in 1/600 scale).

Currently ongoing are a Vietnam era ARL (Achelous Class), LCT-6 and various size WW2 Rhino Ferries

I will do future posts on how these are going and what has been released

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